Improve your indoor climate successfully

In the early years of the marketing this Unit was called “Poster-Humidifier” (USA, Konig Swiss Humidifier until 2011).

3D-Humidifier for domestic use. This is the Humidifier of Necono AG. It was scientifically developed between 1995 and 2000. The goal was: that we achieve a high degree of efficiency through wall mounting, and that we can do this without electricity! 3D-Humidifier became very special, and enable easy handling.

3 very important Issues lead to this success

  1. The room air spends the energy for evaporating the water! We can state that this corresponds to the lowest possible energy consumption!
  2. A propeller is not needed , because when the water evaporates, the humidified air becomes heavier. Therefore, this air falls out of the device by itself. It is not held back by a pot or the floor. This is a significant advantage.
  3. Because the air circulates downwards and bypasses the air under the ceiling, where moisture is useless, contrary. This means that the moisture is led directly to where we breathe. It comes directly to where children play on the floor, according to where the parquet needs moisture and also to where we lie and sleep at night.
Luftbefeuchten ohne Strom

Special technology enables the highest possible efficiency without electricity!

The effectiveness is easily controllable by everyone! Used water (2 liters divided by 4.2 gr.)

Technical, direct output per day: up to 475 m3 are reduced by 24% rlf. enriched. This power can be used for a room of 25 m2 (formula under tech. Data.) Indirect power due to the achieved efficiency can be found on this homepage (see also the three arguments on the left). See technical data!

A 3D humidifier in the bedroom, children’s room or living room provides a remedy against dry air. Because, low indoor humidity has a negative effect on our health. – That’s why you are looking to permanently raise the humidity of your rooms to a healthy level and have now landed with us. The room humidifiers from Necono AG are unique worldwide, because their shape is determined solely by their natural functions. These are currentless switching, hygiene functions, currentless air circulation and easy cleaning. Necono reinforces with physical tricks what nature offers us!