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3D humidifiers are not commercial products. Such as we offer a great factual solution to a complex topic.

This moistening method is unique worldwide! The one and only non electric humidifier which is not moistening out of a box.

Art marries Function, FOREVER YOUNG

Use the evaporated water without loss over the ceiling. Here we show how and why.

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The most commend units

Humidificateur-3D sans énergie élecrique, Motif "Rhapsody in gray"
3d-humidifier panel "pastel"
3d-humidifer without electricity panel design "metal"
3D-Humidifier without Energy panel motiv "Bear-Country"

The following conditions are met by the humidifiers of Necono AG in an exclusive manner.

  • the handling of the 3D humidifiers is extremely simple.
  • they also provide guaranteed clean moisture.
  • furthermore, all functions and air circulation are carried out without electric current. No propeller.
  • The moisture is produced with the heat of the room air.
  • Bedroom: The head is usually near the wall, moisture from 3D humidifier comes from the wall, the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat can recover at night, to be resistant during the day.

You save money because

  • humidify without electricity
  • it even works with less water.  Because, primarily, there is no loss over the ceiling. The moisture slides down into the room.
  • this will protect the building. Because, all the water that enters the room, has to leave the house again (less charge of steam barriers).
  • best quality of humidity without previous water-treatment, without housing or ventilation ducts.

Power: 476m3 are added from 28% to 52%, room size 25 m2 see 3D humidifier/technical data. Over-humidification is not possible.

Sufficiently moist air is significant and saves some medication against coughing and hoarse, etc.


You can choose out of 8 motifs. Decorative foils can be used underline the design or serve as protection of raw wooden walls (optional).

We can read unreported customer reactions as follows: if e.g. the water tank breaks, the parts are reordered. Among them are users, who bought their humidifier more than 15 years ago.  We read from this, that the devices and the humidification technology are popular enough.

“Art marries Function” make 3D humidifiers stand out in a special way. They are first extremely effective humidifiers. These were developed “using scientific methods” touse, among other things, local energy.

The three-dimensional surface creates a “top-down-flow”: the air is sucked down from the ceiling without dust and then discharged downward to maximum effect, ensuring excellent efficiency and performance. This process is regulated without electricity. The device must be suspended from the wall. It works very quietly. The wall mounting means that it keeps the space on the floor free (for children and adults).

The interval control, our patented “Stop and Go” function, is extremely quiet. It enables effective descaling while inhibiting bacteria for natural and ecological humidification. Thanks to the use of renewable raw materials, the design of the humidifier itself is also ecological!

Available since 2002!

Translation: Fascination3d-humidifier

Our latest discover works great, we currently refill water every 2 days.

Agent: I Just got a picture from a satisfied brokered customer.

Necono: Thank you very much. It looks great, wasn’t easy to assemble. That’s why BRAVO, the uneven wall is tricky.

Necono AG Fascination 3D humidifier humidifier without electric energy

Do you want a natural and energy-saving method to prevent dry indoor air in a sustainable way? Necono’s innovative and patented 3D room humidifiers ensure optimum indoor humidity in a highly efficient manner completely without electric current.
3D humidifiers enable clean and energy-efficient humidification with special technology. She was awarded a gold medal in Germany with a certificate shown here and was defined as unique with the internationally granted patent.
Erfindermesse Genf98 Diplom
the diploma shown here, the Necono humidifier has been awarded a silver medal in Switzerland. The technology has also been certified with the international patent.

Non-electric humidifier with Stop and Go function and various design panels

The room humidifier is available in different designs and has a highly ingenious structure. The evaporator with its unique technology has already won several international awards! 100% Swiss made! Once filled with water, the unit is self-regulating! Looking calm and welcoming, the 3D-Humidifier units are highly appreciated in living rooms, bedrooms and offices!

The non-electric humidifier is revolutionary in the truest sense of the word: evaporation or humidification always proceed from the top down to ensure maximum effectiveness. And you are certain to appreciate the quietness and look of the humidifier in living rooms and offices!

Our 3D Humidifier is designed to allow thorough and above all convenient cleaning of all device components. You only need standard kitchen utensils. A cleaning instruction is included in the package. The system generally enables clean evaporation without chemical additives.

  • The non-electric “Stop and Go” controls and hydro-pneumatic controls (patents) permit descaling and bacteria inhibition.
  • Natural moistening, controlled by the humidity in the ambient air.
  • A special device for the addition of ethereal oils can be fitted for treatment or to create a preferred mood.

Which design would you like?

3D Befeuchter in der Seitenansicht

Water tank:
Capacity: 3 liters of water, easy to fill and clean.


Stopper with valves:
The water tank is closed by the stopper. The complete tank is turned on its head and placed on the wooden board. Two valves retain the water until the container is brought into position.
The capillary basin immediately fills with water, which is guided to the evaporation panel.


Capillary basin:
This part of the humidifier fulfils different tasks. The basin is fastened to the wall and therefore holds the evaporator. Its purpose is to distribute the water across the entire width and to speed up the rise of water on to the evaporation panel. It is designed in a way that it inhibits bacteria formation and never allows water to become stagnant. This means that once the system is filled with water, it is pumped out again completely to ensure that the capillary basis is emptied in intervals and cannot allow bacteria to accumulate.


Water flow modulator:
This special device, which we also call the “capillary pump”, transports the water out of the upper basin. It works like a tube that is filled completely with water. It is sometimes used to move water from one basis to the other. It is essential to fill up the evaporation panel quickly. The water flows on the panel surface rather than through the panel (filter).


Evaporation panel:
The evaporation panel is designed for distribution into the maximum air volume. The paper panel is therefore cut and folded to produce a 3-dimensional structure. Carrier strings on each side keep the structure unfurled. Filled-up with water, the panel transfers vapor into the air. Air cools down slightly and starts to move downwards. This method of humidification is very efficient as air moving downwards will remain in the room for longer.


Panel carrier with clamp:
This carrier with clamp keeps the panel in position, allows the water to pass through and prevents the formation of bacteria.


Control hose:
This hose connects the catch basin with the stopper on the water tank. Air passing through the hose allows water to leave the tank. Water is no longer able to leave the tank once it has filled the catch basin. A short time later, once descaler has evaporated this water in the catch basin, air flows back into the tank and passes down to the capillary basin. This is the “Stop and Go” function that will be faster if the air is drier. This process works for as long as water is in the tank. Its intensity is defined by the degree of ambient air humidity.


Catch basin:

As the name suggests, the water from the evaporation panel is intercepted, the refilling process is interrupted and the collected water is passed on to the descaler. For this purpose, we cut a piece of paper in a crescent moon shape at the end of the panel. A perforation determines the position. As soon as the water evaporates, air rises again through the hose to the water tank and reactivates the filling process. The perfume dispenser is also fitted to the catch basin (2 black buttons). Perfumed strips carry the ethereal oils for treatment or to create certain moods.

3D Power

without electricity


Intelligent control

World-wide unique “stop and go” function.

That’s how it works

The process is called Hydro Pneumatic Capillary System (patented technology). The humidifier uses gravitation and the patented capillary system to power the device. The dryness of the environment’s air dictates the level of evaporation of the water and the speed of circulation into the air. The water pressure in the tank is regulated by a pressure fill valve that allows the water to flow to the water flow modulator on top of the panel. The humidity actually flows out from the bottom of the humidifier and sinks into the room and then is carried up towards the ceiling and the surrounding space through movement in the area.

Simple, Clean, Secure



Luftbefeuchter im Wohnzimmer


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