3D humidifiers are very easy for you to use. But behind it is a sophisticated HPK-Technology: for living rooms and offices! View with your smartphone in landscape mode!

3D-Humidifier without electricity!

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HPK stand for: Hydro-Pneumatic Air Conditioning (katabatic): Efficient Air and Water Control

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She is from Germany but engaged in Uzbekistan (19.03.2024):

Hello, I had already ordered from you and I am very satisfied with my equipment. By the way: with an average of 1520%, Uzbek humidity, Necono manages to make the rooms (4560 sqm) much more pleasant with 3545%!”

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A potent formula for better, healthy air.

Newly humidified air is heavier, so it can set itself in motion. Wall mounting is crucial for humidifiers!

I’m sure you know that air gets heavier when water evaporates! The humid air falls off the wall on its own as there is no container to stop it and this is fantastic as it is variable and very effective! Only since the development of the Necono HPK control system (1996-2001), it has been possible to humidify the air from the wall without the need for electrical cables!


Necono AG allows you to use the energy generated by the higher weight of the air.

Save the energy it would take to circulate the air! It also offers many, many other benefits!

The difference from traditional air humidifiers:

  • Innovative fleece design that temporarily stores water in the pores and and guides them down for high efficiency!
  • The 3-dimensional folded surface releases moisture into a lot of air, resulting in high performance. It’s about regulating what we can do without electricity.
  • The resulting moisture is not retained by an enclosure; It can move freely and naturally downwards.
  • It minimizes the risk of germs and promotes a healthier indoor climate. Experience the difference and create an optimal indoor climate with our 3D humidifier! 475 m3 of air can circulate and be enriched to 24% (room size of 28 m2)!

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In contrast, traditional electric humidifiers generally produce moisture inside and often blow it upward using a propeller. They are equipped with a cable and hygrostat, and conventional models are floor-standing and humidify at intervals.

Kleinst Neconos-Smily für Text In 2021, we exceeded the mark of 10′000 devices sold!

For all these, here’s a note on our own behalf, we call it: “The Secret of the Water Tank” Healthiness and Tip-to-clean! (german spoken)

Brief description of technology and function


Hydro-pneu-kata (HPK) = Regler!

Our innovative technology works on the basis of three components:

  •  Hydraulics (Water Pressure)
  •  Pneumatics (air vacuum)
  •  Katabatic (air falling downwards unhindered)

Hydropneumatics shown here in the film! (catabatic air circulation, film below)

Advantages of HPK:

  • Convenient and straightforward to use!
  • Non-electric and economical, yet highly effective, saving you energy and costs!
  • Wall-mounted and environmentally highly effective, sustainable for users and in production!

Our technology exploits the change in air weight during humidification. Similar to water in a power plant, heavy air naturally falls downward, enabling efficient air circulation. The primary effort for the user is simply refilling water.

Video to “Hydro-Pneu-Kata” – system of function! (german)

or the Video that treats hidden energy!


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If you would like personal advice, please click

here 0041 79 602 59 54! Scan QR code! In this way, you can connect directly with an employee in the exhibition and demonstration room of NECONO. Opening hours: Working days 07:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:30 Saturdays:10:00 to 12:00


  • The room air spends the energy for evaporating the water! We can state, that this corresponds to the lowest possible energy consumption!
  • A propeller is not needed , because when the water evaporates, the humidified air becomes heavier. Therefore, this air falls out of the device by itself. This is a significant advantage.
  • Because the air circulates downwards and bypasses the air under the ceiling, where moisture is useless, contrary, there the air is with higher temperature, it would absorb more humidity for nothing . This means that the moisture is led directly to where we breathe. It comes directly to where children play on the floor, according to where the parquet needs moisture and also to where we lie and sleep at night.


  • It allows water to flow at intervals on the evaporative fleece!
  • It does this by controlling the water levels in the containers and creating negative pressure in the control loop!
  • And above all, it doses the duration of the filling intervals (intervals).

The device humidifies as long as there is water on it (on) and stops when the tank is empty (off).

Proof of performance see technical data!

Luftbefeuchten ohne Strom

Hydropneumatic control revolutionizes air humidification without electricity.

A 3D humidifier in the bedroom, children’s room or living room provides a remedy for dry air. After all, low indoor humidity has a negative effect on our health. – That’s why you are looking to permanently raise the humidity of your rooms to a healthy level and have now landed with us. Necono AG’s room humidifiers are unique in the world, because their shape is determined solely by their natural functions. These are: de-energized humidification, hygiene functions, de-energized air circulation and easy cleaning. Necono also uses physical tricks to amplify what nature offers us! As a storage medium like a RAM memory, the evaporation poster serves. Their pores are filled with water. These, in turn, deflate within a time frame defined by the moisture content. Once the water has evaporated, the evaporation fleece is refilled.