Do 3D humidifiers turn off in high humidity?

No, the moisture release is strongly reduced. The tank is emptied so that no nucleation in remaining water can occur. Because that would happen, these germs would use the evaporation posters faster. In many other systems, however, they would be able to get into the air. So it’s right that you only fill up when the air is dry.

Why do humidifiers belong on the wall?

Evaporation of the water requires energy. This is extracted from the air, which is deprived of heat. This means that the air is less than 1 °C cooler. Cooler air sinks, but only does so when it finds room to move. The only spot that offers this necessary space is on the wall, as the floor would prevent this movement. A vessel placed on the ground would warm up due to underfloor heating, hence promoting the growth of bacteria. Wall mounting increases efficiency as the air sinking into the room dwells there for longer. Necono AG discovered this principle, developed a technical system to exploit it (patented) and has since received an international award. Read more about it under Performance, Function, etc. and watch the film.


Dust on the panel?

Is there dust on the panel? No, or at least it is not visible. The wooden panel provides a cover that catches the dust, while the water vapor from the panel prevents dust particles from settling. We are unaware that any customer has ever mentioned dust on the panel so far.

Scaling in the water tank

Scales – often seen in coffee machines – do not gather on the edge of the water tank, as water cannot evaporate in the container, which is completely closed

How often should the descaler be replaced?

Once a month on average, depending on the amount of lime in the water. Descalers absorb the water dripping into the collecting basin and therefore absorb the lime. Remove the crescent-shaped cutout from the panel (perforated) so that the water can be absorbed mainly by the descaler.

The capillary effect restarts automatically in dry panels!

Dry panels will start to humidify automatically. So you can go on vacation and simply forget the humidifier. The humidifier will also continue to run in offices where the panels dry over the weekend. Brief interruptions can even help preserve the evaporation panel.

How does decalcified water impact the humidifier?

Do not use filter water (no Britta filter water). Most filters contain bacteria and promote the growth of mold due to insufficient cleaning! Decalcification systems: These plants often operate with salt. If you use such a system or you are supplied with this kind of water, salt deposits will form in humidifier, as small salt residues remain in the water, thus producing white edges on the panel.

Why are 3D humidifiers not dangerous sources of bacteria?

Because it’s impossible! 3D humidifiers are natural evaporators. Their scissor structure accelerates the air due to physical processes that increase efficiency but trap any bacteria (see energy sources). The containers are designed to reduce the formation of bacteria to a negligible amount. The descalers also help to dispose of bacteria. Furthermore, 3D humidifiers are designed so that they can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.

Reduced service life in the second year of operation?

There have been some reports that the durability of the panels is substantially reduced in the second year of operation. There is no plausible reason for this, and it is indeed disproven by many other users. But hygiene is an important issue in this regard. It is possible that if dirty water flows into a fresh evaporation tank, the water in the upper gutter, the capillary basin, will become so contaminated that it closes the pores in the paper, leading to slow drying of the evaporation panel from below. This can be regarded as a safety measure to allow only clean air humidification. To prevent this happening, it is essential to clean the special tank thoroughly according to the instructions. I. Remove the container. Users should also take care to pre-fold the panel properly and carefully. Please note that it has open holes at the top of the panel (6). Break out all remaining punched parts. Panels are suitable for re-sterilization. (For this purpose, use a small quantity of chlorinated water (in Switzerland), 0.1 liters of water with bleach). 3D humidifiers last a lifetime.


Humidifiers (only plastic parts of the base units, not the evaporation panel (paper)) can largely be cleaned in the dishwasher (once per season is recommended, at the same time as changing the panel)! Use a descaler to thoroughly treat heavy deposits. Wash the water tank using a standard household detergent (suitable for the dishwasher) and rinse well. Download and adhere to the instructions on the page “Assembly cleaning”. You can also use dental prosthesis cleaning tablets when rinsing the water tank. The water tank must be full. Blow through the seal firmly after cleaning to ensure that the control air can circulate! (Blow into it as if you were playing a recorder).

Allergy sufferers:

People suffering from allergies in particular will benefit from humidifiers. Neither chemical nor ethereal substances are emitted, although fragrance can be added.

Can I use water from air dryers (tumble dryers)?

Yes, provided it is clean. We recommend normal tap water, as its make-up contains natural energy, ensuring the water is more resistant to mold spores and bacteria.