Schematische Darstellung der Atemorgane des Menschen

Necono Duty for Health

We have been doing this since the beginning of our product development. Because:

  • One reason for the development of open and direct evaporation with 3D humidifiers are and were 3 hazards. The difference between open and direct evaporation is: “Moisture is not blown through ventilation ducts or housings.
    1. Moisture increases the ability to put dust on surfaces, lee-side in the ventilation ducts. Predominantly put in cracks of ventilation ducts and housings.
    2. Moist dust is the basis or breeding ground for the development, and as carrier of bacteria, germs, viruses under certain circumstances and mold.
    3. The pathogens, referred to in point 2, are transported in guided air streams by fans. They are undesirable in this environment, eventually harmful, up to highly dangerous. (Legionnaires’ Disease (Minnesota, CAN, USA,…))

Viruses need for survival and it’s formation living tissue. They can only be grown outside the body on egg skin.

We are closely monitoring the discussion about the COVID 19 disease.Synonymous for Corona Virus

As can be seen from the above, the following conditions are necessary for the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 viruses:

  1. a breeding ground (infection hotspot)
    • Breeding ground where the pathogens settle and ev. can grow and multiply.
  2. Liquid that the pathogens can absorb (contain) and transport:
    • Droplets of a liquid
    • Saliva
    • Blood
  3. a transporter/distributor. Includes:
    • Coughing, strong breathing (driven airflow) “human”
    • Touching hands (handshake) “human”
    • Kissing “Human”
    • Ventilation/fans “technical equipment”
  4. Depots, co-creators:
    • Door traps
    • Holding rods and straps in buses, trams and trains.
    • Lavabos, Fittings
    • Toilet rinse water triggers
    • Give away

We note that if one of the 4 above conditions is missing, the pathogen cannot spread out.

Attention: devices for infrared and ozone treatment are coming onto the market. Find out more about, carefully. In our opinion, these only belong in professional facilities, but not in the household (OZON).

3D humidifiers are immune to all cases mentioned above

Indoor humidifier, humidifier poster (panel) with motif Paint for humidifying without electricity

3D-Befeuchter mit Motiv Paint (Kopfbild des Luftbefeuchtern)

  • Tap water is not a carrier of viruses and contains very, very little bacteria in urban environments.
  • The moisture emitted by the device is gaseous. No droplet formation! This is a very important feature!
  • The air circulation is sedum and sluggish in its speed, but constant, and also directed downwards. The blowing of pathogens from further sources is excluded. The reason for this is no acceleration by fan.
  • As an offshoot of viruses, the device behaves like all other items. However, it is limited by the number of users. That is, no access by unknown persons, thus controlled.

The following address will take you to the broadcast “Puls” of Swiss Television from 7.5.20. Dem Ausschnitt COVID 19 (8min. 40sek.). We don’t have any shares from S-TV, the information is well-founded, the experts competent. (einige Angaben, in früheren Sendung Kassensturz die zur Luftbefeuchtung veröffentlicht wurden, waren eindeutig, nachweislich falsch).

TV-emission Puls screen-shot

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