Why the humidification posters differ from conventional units, can be found on the entrance page, click here!

The extraordinarily sophisticated technique  “HPK”  hydropneumatics with catabatics can be found on the click  “HPK”

Click on the dots in the picture below-right, there you can see individual parts and their tasks!

3D-Humidifier, for you as simple as that, but anyway more effective as expected

Every component of the humidifier is visible, accessible and has an important task. Here you can find out what they are.

“Art merries function”,

this makes 3D humidifiers stand out particularly. The design, as such makes them extremely effective. Hydropneumatics (the hydropneumatic control) was “developed with a scientific method” in order to use local energy and suppress germ development. Click on the dots in the picture below to the right!