Power and technical specifications of 3D-Humidifier; warranty


  1. for 28 m2 room size (PDF)
    :technical data: The humidification is variable,
  2. up to 476 m3 of air are enriched from 28% to 52% per day. Proof: Water required per m3 = 4.2 gr. at 20° C . Consumption / day 2000 gr. of water. Efficiency 100%. Table for moisture content per M3 (PDF).
  3. Power consumption 0.00 = none

Humidity tab per m3 hrs

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Humidification up to 450 m3 of air per day from 28% to 52% Humidity at 20 °C (2.3 liters = 4.2gr / m3). 100% efficiency. Impact factor of 2 because of moisture circulating downward (top-down).

Simple installation:

The device is mounted on the wall using one screw and dowel. Panel size when assembled: 40 cm x 81.5 cm; Total size: 106.5 cm, depth 12 cm.

Warranty/Quality requirements / spare parts: We meet the legal requirements of 2 years warranty. In addition, we claim a long service life. 3D humidifiers have no mechanical or electrically operating parts. With that they are not inferior to any wear. Except, of course, the evaporating posters and the lime separators, which must have be designed for hygiene reasons accordingly. All parts are available as spare parts. Spare parts are rarely requested. Hand-lost water-globes are required from time to time.

Water tank:

Capacity: 3 liters, enough for 1½ days on average. The round design ensures easy and thorough cleaning of the container by wiping it down. It was based on the design of a magic ball. All 3D humidifiers are for thorough and easy cleaning. This is essential for healthy humidification.


We recommend replacing the separator once per month. (5 per pack); use normal tap water.

Panels (posters):

The panels are only replaced once per season on average (provided the unit is thoroughly cleaned at the start of the season)!

Easy installation:

The apparatus is hung on the wall with a screw and dowels. These are included in the scope of delivery!

What do the suction cup and the 3D humidifier have in common:


Saugnapf an der Scheibe

Suction cup keeps himself on the glas because of vacuum

The suction cup holds on as long as it can’t get air under the plate (the vacuum can hold). If he breathes, he falls down!

The 3D humidifier: Water in the tank is obstructed by leakage until air flows into the tank. Vacuum prevents water from flowing out of the water globe.

A hose is responsible for the air flow into the tank. This is sealed by water and prevents the water from leaking out of the tank. As a result, if the water that prevents the air from flowing evaporates, the tank gets air again and lets the water run to the evaporation poster. The evaporation poster is filled, flooded from top to bottom.

Luftbefeuchter-Qualitätstest Trägersaiten


In 1996, Necono AG based its development on the recommendations of the Lung League. How

Hygrometer mit Anzeige 54 %

Hygrometer shows 54% relative humidity, ideal humidity slightly above average!

high should the necessary room humidity be? We believe that everyone should decide for themselves what kind of moisture they feel comfortable with. Do I feel most comfortable with the humidity like in Bali (2000mm rain per year / 80% humidity) or in the Sahara (40mm rain per year)? How long do I want to stay where? By the way, Morocco is considered the most tolerable climate among 10 others. Average humidity 60%. Measure the humidity. Our sense organs are not objective in this regard.

Dust mites can be eliminated when dusting and very few people have to deal with humidity in everyday life!

Mold develops where moisture cannot evaporate and dust or other organic materials trap this moisture. Draining this area is usually easy. It affects a small number of households.

Moist mucous membranes in the throat strengthen the defense against flu viruses! That’s why you moisturize, strengthen your immune system! Your skin and eyes will also owe it to you. For more information, see

Service from Necono AG

Warranty/quality standards/spare parts: Of course, we meet the legal requirements of 2 years warranty.

In addition, we claim a long service life. This is because 3D humidifiers have neither mechanically nor electrically operated parts. Thus, they are not subject to wear and tear. Except, of course, the poster and the lime separator. For hygienic reasons, these are designed in such a way that they can be replaced. Nevertheless, all parts are available as spare parts. You can exchange them yourself. No specialist is needed. We recommend replacing seals from time to time. Care with silicone pin keeps the seals supple.

The effect factor 2 -2.5 is as follows:

The technique of the 3D humidifiers was chosen so that the moisture flows downwards. So it can be used immediately, even more, it can be used 100%. The distance traveled until the moisture then ev. the ceiling reached is 2-2.5 times longer.

Each room has different temperatures. Under the ceiling, the air is warmer than a few centimeters above the ground. If moisture is released upwards, it will first moisten the upper parts of the room. This will retain a lot of moisture, which will no longer come down. The moisture under the ceiling is of no use. On the contrary, it transports the evaporated water unused to the outside (ventilation).

Hygiene measures / hygiene management:

3D humidifiers are designed so that they have no hidden corners that could not be cleaned cleanly.

The function has processes that suppress nucleation.

  1. The water tank only allows water to flow downwards. The construction prevents water from flowing back, which prevents germs from being sucked into the water tank.
  2. The capillary pool, below the water tank, is filled and emptied at short intervals. The water does not stop, the nucleation is therefore negligible.
  3. The control continuously regulates whether strong or weak evaporation is to be carried out.
  4. The water tank cpl. emptying, this is also a measure that prevents stale water. This prevents old water from mixing with new water. Give any remaining water to the plants before refilling, thus contributing to hygiene.
  5. Germs cannot get into the air because there is a natural evaporation from an open fleece.
  6. The water tank is very easy to clean. The intended amount of water ensures that fresh water is refilled at appropriate time intervals.