Our Company as it is and became what it is. Actualities!

20 years of Necono AG – 25 years since the start of the development of the unique technology!
Health due to perfect humidity is in the focus!


Samstag 15.04.2023 von 10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr

Holz-Instrumente sind vom Klang und der Beständigkeit auf Feuchtigkeit angewiesen.

Harfen-Service, Kurhausstrasse 13, 8374 Dussnang

10.00  Beginn
11.00  Instrumenten-Präsentation
11.30  Ray Mooers gibt Einblick in Produktion und Konzept
14.00  Instrumenten-Präsentation
14.30  Ray Mooers gibt Einblick in Produktion und Konzept
16.00  Instrumenten-Präsentation
16.30  Ray Mooers gibt Einblick in Produktion und Konzept

es steckt mehr dahinter als angenommen!The development of hydropneumatic control began in 1996 in a sole proprietorship.

Dissatisfaction with the existing humidification system and its poor efficiency forced Alex Kaiser to address the issue. A systematic, scientific work has begun!

20 years of NECONO AG

In 2001, after many discussions with banks for financing, without success, private donors demanded and made possible the foundation of the company and the start of production and marketing!

A German, one Swede and three Swiss private individuals founded the joint-stock company.

20 Jahre Necono AG 3D-Luftbefeuchter20 years, and what comes next?

Some 20 years more again and again…… 20 years!

The history of the company teaches us a lot. It’s the technology and the people who want to handle it! People who discover the fascination of “hydropneumatics” in stages! And: a unique company that is happy to offer these people a special solution. We are also looking forward to YOU!

We produce in Switzerland, we develop in Switzerland! The product and production are in constant process. We keep on going!

New production processes are currently being introduced. Recently, the “stop and Go”-control has been adjusted!

We preset the "Maestro of Art" who created the new Panel-Design "Rhapsody in gray" Robert Süess Artist from the center of Switzerland

First off, the title “Rhapsody in Gray” defines the quintessence of Necono AG. The motif was selected as the best of seven ideas submitted.

Short CV

Robert Süess is a freelance artist, gallery owner, book author and life consultant. Born in  Luzern/CH 1950. He studied typography at the Lucerne Art School and the Zurich School of Art, 1968. From 1980 to 2004 he studied painting at prestigious art academies. He has focused on nude and abstract painting since 1999, honing his repertoire at summer academies and study trips to Italy, Spain, Egypt, Greece and Japan. Numerous individual and group exhibitions. His work has been shown at galleries in Switzerland and abroad and has participated in fairs and group exhibitions. Private collectors have also purchased his works. He has worked as a lecturer for experimental painting at well-known academies in the German-speaking regions of ​​Europe since 2006.

Other works by the artist:


Necono AG picked up from the discussion on the new motif with Customers:

The goal was to identify what the relationship between colors and the shade ‘black’ may symbolize. In this context, I, Alex Kaiser, CEO Necono AG, defined the meaning of ‘black’ as the most important way of creating contrasts. The degree to which these contrasts emerge in the art is a spontaneous process. Contrasts highlight other colors and create 3D-dimensionality, allowing life to emerge on the surface. A beautiful red rose loses its luster on a red background. But you will notice a detailed work of art when it is presented against a dark contrast. Frequently we will notice contrast in each individual moments of life, and alternative colors always shine through. If we recognise in the life, moments which we can define as contrasts, beside is always a wide colour which inspires us. Otherwise we could also not define “black”

Innovation since 2001

Our company, past and present!

Behavior and history!

Necono AG was converted into a joint-stock corporation in 2001. Baby-Rose – a shopping cooperation with baby product stores – showed strong interest in the product almost from day one. It decided to include the product in its sales catalog and to distribute it via the stores. Internet shops have become increasingly important channels. Meanwhile, the benefits of the unique control system emerged more and more. The whole unit is manufactured in Switzerland. A number of specialized companies produce the parts. Necono AG conducts quality assurance and assembles the components to produce the 3D humidifiers. We presented the innovation at trade shows in a number of countries in central Europe.