Our habit,

“Spring is here, put away the humidifiers in the cellar”! Thought that way, done that way  – STOP – not quite!

But one thing at a time!

I still have a cold in my throat, which is another reason why I’m looking forward to spring. Then you can keep the windows open day and night and fresh air flows through my lungs. This year, that is far from the case. That’s why I had to suffer at first, had to realize that something was wrong (surprise humidification). So I took a look at the hygrometer! 12.06.2023 this look at the hygrometer in the bedroom gave me clarity, 31% relative humidity in the morning? Auwei-auwei!

It was immediately clear to restart the humidifier.

Ha, no problem, it was cleaned and reinstalled for the summer. Yes, what you read is correct, “reinstalled”, because it hangs like a picture on the wall, exactly where I need it most urgently. So, all it had to do was fill up with water. Our humidifier does its job as if by magic. It is hydropneumatically controlled and has katabatic air circulation. He runs cpl. without electricity. Soon my hygrometer on the bedside table showed 57% hrel.!

Smily-Design-Necono rechts

Feuchtigkeitserlauf nach unten

So I was in the clink with habit in relation to reality!

So I carried my cold around longer than necessary, which also hindered me in making music (trumpet). Fortunately, I was able to react quickly without running into the basement, I only had to fill up with water. Yes, I could have reacted a little earlier, because SRF-Meteo recorded what was going on. I saw it, but I didn’t act on it.

Schweizer Niederschlagskarte Apr.23
Schweizer Niederschlagskarte Mai 23

The pictures show excerpts from their homepage thatdocument exactly that.

By default, April is still humidifier time due to low temperatures:

Quote SRF Meteo 30.04.2023: The weather this month gave several occasions to carry out spring cleaning. Again and again, low-pressure areas caused changeable weather. Even the winter tires were needed again in some places even after Easter.

May and June, spring cleaning is over, humidifier usually comes in the basement / screed.

Quote and reference: SRF Meteo 10.06.2023:

Grafik: Niederschlagsprognose Mittelland

May 2023 had the third most “bise hours” since 1981 (bise = cold and most dry wind coming from the north -east down to Switzerland)

In spring, the Bise is more common than in other seasons

This quote spoke very clearly for the year 2023.

It was also much too dry on our two mountain tours in June 23. Where swamp had to be encountered in other years, it was dry as dust. (Tanzboden 1443 m above sea level, Federispitz 1865 m above sea level)

Waldbrücklein zum Tanzboden
Kammweg zum Tanzboden
Auf- Abstieg zum Federispitz

The lesson: set yourself up so that you can react quickly to unexpected situations! Health will thank you! Necono’s humidifiers stay on the wall. So they can be used immediately!

Comparison: As mentioned, we go a lot in the mountains, on the water or by bike, you sweat. Everything is wet under the backpack. Inside a jacket that protects against wind and rain. We set ourselves up in such a way that we can act flexibly. Ward off colds caused by the wind, or prevent dryness by spontaneous moistening.

Wall-mounted, that hows, we are set up with the 3D humidifier from Necono AG. Without having to walk around, it’s all year around us, to be ready to serve it!

Necono AG

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