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This page and List lead you to different Films. They present the 3D-Humidifier from different point of view!

the Humidifier that works like a tree

in this Film we show the similarity between a tree and the 3D-Humidifier

Humidifier for healthy sleep

Where do we need good air, if not in the bedroom? Moisture keeps our breathing clear, protects against inflammation, nasal congestion, etc. 3D humidifiers circulate the air without electricity and provide more oxygen for breathing. More in the movie. Duration 2’44 “.

German spoken film                        to the Shop

Energie not recognized, but Necono inserted it in their humidifier

The Film shows the energy created in the humidifier and how it is used! No, other humidifier can accelerate the air without electric energy. At the same time Necono uses a system that avoid the grow of germs. This system we call „hydro-pneumatic-capillary-system “!

English spoken film                             to the Shop

Revolutionary humidifcation

Humidifier from Necono AG called 3D humidifier. This device has a technique that makes it possible to moisten the air continuously and this in varius intensities. Downtimes in which water enrich germs inside the device to  does not exist. All moistening units need energy for the evaporation of water. The humidified air falls freely out of the 3D humidifier and does not need to be blown out. That saves energy an makes a big difference. These and other factors are truly revolutionary. See more details in the movie. Duration of the movie 2 ’44 “

German spoken film                             to the Shop

Humidifier for kids – bedroom

Children use spaces in their own special way, with the floor being of the utmost importance. Standing objects are a hindrance. Power cables are “out of place”, electrosmog and chemistry against fungus and germes are inappropriate. The solution is called 3D humidifier. The power of a wall-hung system is the solution, see for yourself. Duration of the film 1 minute

German spoken                                       to the Shop

the Excavator and the Humidifier

What do excavators and humidifiers have equally?

They can damage more than help, if you use it the wrong way ! Here we look at it!

my humidifier become produced

The film is self-explanatory. You can see how the parts that come from specialized companies are put together. Duration of the film 3 ’39 “

Easy kleaning

The cleaning of household appliances in the special humidifier is important. To make it easy for you, we have made all the parts so, that the surfaces to be cleaned are easily accessible and can be cleaned with existing household utensils. (Brush, rags, detergent and water). Film Duration 3 ’05 ” Sightings 15.07.2019    730

How is it set up?

Installation: The device inludes an installation manual. Basically, it is rated as easy to understand. Nevertheless, we know that some have trouble with sketches. That is why we show here, 1: 1, how the assembly can be carried out. This in real time, i. As long as the movie lasts so long, they need to hang the humidifier against the wall. Let the movie run step by step. Film Duration 10 Min. Sightings 15.07.2019      7571

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