Foam-Beater = the shaving-brush compared to Humidifier!


Whipping foam for shaving is a ritual for some, or they do it for hygiene reasons. I want to tell another story about the shaving-brush compared to Humidifiers here.

Why do I love the old worn-out shaving brush!

more than the new-one! I bought the shaving brush, on top to the right, in 1976 and have been using it ever since. I bought the brush, foam beater, on the left around 1985, but I love the old worn brush more than anything else. So, I am asking your, why?


  • the old, worn-out brush swallows less soap.
  • so, I can whip enough foam with a little soap, and
  • and that even faster.
  • It’s easy on my budget, and
  • saves me time when I must wash out the brush.
  • Because I can wash out the old brush thoroughly with a little water, I save water.
  • Because the brush becomes cleaner and dries faster, it is less susceptible to germ formation, i.e. more hygienic.

By the way, I shave with soap and blade, because at that time my girlfriend (radiology assistant hospital, 1976) explained me that this was the hygienic way of shaving.

Now a statement for fun: the shaving brush costs me less than 0.00108 francs/euro per application.

(Because the badger hairbrush may have cost SFr.18.00 at that time. I shave daily (minus 3% for mountain tours, etc.), then that was (47 years x 365 days) x 0.97 (-3%) = 16,640 days. Equal 0.00108 €)

Have you ever thought about how much money and resources you spend on inattention? …… The shaving brush is exaggerated for what it would need for its task! The precious brush, the old one, looks puny!

What does this have to do with the “humidifier”?

We do: That’s what I want to show you a little bit different here. The word “to do” takes on another meaning. As with shaving and the vast majority of processes in nature and civilization, movement is involved. This means that what is in motion also acquires an additional value, as it is conducive to self-preservation. So, we cut the beard hair by hand with the blade and treat the face skin. This cleanses the skin and towels the muscles, it is very beneficial!

It does: We must demand the same from the humidifier. Because, if water is in motion, it is not excessively attacked by germs. The water is constantly replaced by fresh water because it evaporates.

It regulates and controls: This means that we must regulate (dose) water when it evaporates and control it (switch it on and off) when it becomes replaced. We do this with the 3D humidifiers using a patented technology without electricity. We call it “hydropneumatics” because it works through the existing water and air. Information on this can be found on our homepage, is not the subject of this essay.

When shaving, we waste foam,

through an unsuitable brush. That is my observation. When humidifying, we waste water when we humidify parts of a room or entire rooms that do not need moisture. This is our analysis! In fact, this goes so far that moisture penetrates the masonry and insulation and weakens their insulation value, which can then form mold and attack our health. After that, the goal of thermal insulation is no longer given. So, the humidifier can do harm instead of good.

with less water!

the humidifiers from Necono AG can achieve a high effect. In our apparatus, we make the air heavier by evaporating water. If the air in the device becomes heavier, it can fall out of the device because it is not obstructed. The result is an air circulation that we call #katabatic air circulation# (“katabatikos”, in Greek for flowing down, Archimedes?). Accordingly, we do not need any electrical current for air circulation.

variable air circulation!

If the air is very dry, more and faster humidity is generated in the 3D humidifier and vice versa, variable. This is because when it is extremely dry, the air gains more weight when water evaporates. The air circulation is stronger or weaker because of the 3D arrangement and because of different degrees of evaporation. The air mass changes greatly. It therefore moves faster or slower!

Pay attention to these phenomena, because you will keep your lifestyle and consume less money.