Is this a joke?

No, because 3D humidifiers store water in a (polar) medium, which also generates energy for air circulation. This is stored and consumed (emptied). What makes the difference, what is the difference of the storage medium of 3D humidifiers?

3D humidifiers, in fact, have a memory comparable to a RAM! What does the storage medium do comparably? It gets an information, water in an information carrier fleece, comparable to the compact disc. There, the water is deposited in pores. This pore size is clearly defined, and corresponds to the amount of information in a CD partition. The CD and the whole fleece can now be described as an information carrier. Because at a certain moment both are filled and would have to be deleted (emptied) again to make room for new information. The humidifier is controlled by the hose (3), which gives the command “storage fullor storage empty“. But in the case of the CD, it is a laser arm that determines whether data is available, where and how many! This data is retrieved individually depending on the type of data. While in the case of evaporative flow it is the dry air, in the case of the CDROM it is the composed content (image, music, text or film) and the reading speed of the laser head. The highest speed is achieved with the RAM memories (SSD drive).  

This is where the common paths of the two media separate. The retrieval speed of the fleece is incomparably slower than that of the CDROM or RAM memory. Thats where we have electronics versus nature. Conversely, the processing of data is incomparably easier with a humidifier than with electronic processing. Electronic processing means reading, decoding, amplifying and exporting. The processing of this data generates heat, which must be kept within limits. This is done with a fan. Whether its a speaker, screen or printer, its technically complex. The

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