To use physics instead of electricity


We create function without electricity through physical combination. With energy we take out of the room-air-temperature, so we achieve the highest Efficiency possible!

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Alex Kaiser CEO

We perceive new standards in the construction sector as welcome challenges.

We focus on traditional houses, passive house standards and plus energy buildings

Buildings need to have effective insulation

in order to save energy. A comment by a customer who recently ordered two devices is therefore particularly fitting: “How do I benefit from an energy-efficient building if we need to use up a lot of energy to reduce the dryness in rooms?”

The 3D humidifier can now address this problem. Our statement that “dry air keeps the walls dry, and dry walls ensure good insulation” is true and will lead to a reduction in heating costs. But the 3D humidifier does not blow moist air into the entire building. It only humidifies the necessary areas (bedrooms, living areas, at work (office) etc.) at a capacity of 450m3 of air circulation per day. Smooth top-down air flow creates high efficiency.

“For a magnificent lifestyle.”

How and why:

It will always take energy to evaporate water and cool or heat the room, whether it is natural or electric. We use the heat of the room air due to its greater efficiency. Cold air will always sink in the room, and we can control the process gently, without strong circulation. Natural evaporation, as we observe in plants and the soil, is absolutely hygienic.

On the other hand, heated air is transported to the ceilings very quickly, where it is not needed and is quickly lost. This means poor efficiency.

3D humidifiers are mounted on the wall. This allows the moisture-enriched air to sink out of the unit and to spread far and wide throughout the room, achieving greater effectiveness and a longer dwell time. 3D humidifiers can moisten a lot of air at the same time and therefore ensure a substantial, controlled performance.

The special control that Necono AG has developed

for the device is ingenious. Its regulation and self-checking mechanism is indispensable. We call it the “Stop and Go” function. It involves a “hydro-pneumatic system” or “humidification in stages”.

In order to be hygienic, it must be possible to thoroughly clean equipment that is filled with water. The design must ensure that there are no cavities between components that would allow bacteria and mold to settle. If they are still necessary, these parts must be easy to clean. Scales and other constituents in the water quickly form deposits on plastic parts, creating ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and molds, especially if they are constantly wet and may even be permanently warm. Necono AG therefore uses an open design with a flow that allows for rapid water exchange. Again, the “Stop and Go” control plays an important role. As the evaporation unit, the panel is replaceable to ensure hygienically perfect operation. The system is also suitable for people with allergies. See downloads.