Humidify with catabatic air circulation and how it regulates!

What is Katabatic

(Greek: katabatikos – flowing downwards)

This actually explains a lot! Of course, we are talking about air moving. Yes, you know, air rises when it heats up and vice versa. Allowing air to rise requires energy from a heat source. Solar energy is the driving force here. Of course, fire or geothermal energy can also be the cause. Humidification means that we have to evaporate water, which requires heat. In fact, water evaporates wherever it is liquid and the air can still absorb moisture.  Here we encounter a law of nature that says:

The drier the air, the faster it can absorb and the more moisture it can absorb. Below you can see a sea of fog, a depression in which moisture is trapped. There is also the fact that water only stays where there is a depression. In the same depression, the air now becomes heavier, which also cannot slip (fog). This means that the air is saturated, no additional moisture can form.

If we want to use this moist air away, it must be blown or heated, and then it increases. Since water consumes heat during evaporation, it lacks to be able to transport moisture from it, the process stops.  

Katabatische Luftzirkulation

If the wind comes in or the sun warms the air, the movement comes in. Wind, or heated air, from solar energy can create moisture again.

You see that there is energy in the form of heavy air, which cannot function solely because it is trapped by the ground or a swimming pool. Now, how can this condition be changed so that air and water are not retained by a depression?

The solution works as follows: we hold the water in a fleece (left, blue) and hang it like laundry. Now the water is retained by the capillaries. These are accessible to dry air, which absorbs water. The air descends from the fleece (yellow in the photo) and sucks in new dry air from above.

As long as the fleece is filled with water, the air is carried away by the evaporation of water. By the way, the greater the amount of humidified air, the faster the air circulation. The total weight is important and therefore gets more speed. Large volumes of air can be converted.

Now it’s time to take a look at it all in an animation (German spoken):

Smily-Design-Necono rechts

As you can see, this air circulation is quite without electricity. In addition, Necono AG acquired the “hydropneumatic control”. With this solution, the flow of water to the fleece can also be regulated without electricity. A complete humidification of the air without current and very efficient has been created. Enjoy. As you can see in the video, it also regulates itself. Shop! and more information!