The Air Humidification Revolution: Necono AG’s 3D Humidifier Spotlight


Necono AG has developed an innovative solution for room air humidification that not only maximizes energy efficiency and

Humidifier avec un non électrique Humidificateur 3D

Humidificateur-3D sans électricité

indoor air hygiene but also minimizes cleaning efforts. This blog post sheds light on the groundbreaking features of this 3D humidifier and demonstrates how it surpasses traditional humidifiers in many aspects.

Energy-Efficient Humidification:


3D-Humidifier-Technic, hydropneumatic-capillary-system and catabatic airflow

Necono AG’s 3D humidifier employs sophisticated techniques to efficiently increase room humidity. It leverages thermal principles to promote water evaporation and utilize local heat energy, resulting in low-energy humidification that minimizes water consumption.

Indoor Air Hygiene in Focus:

Tube for air-conditioning

Tube for air-conditioning, new and used!

Ventilating (and humidifying) indoor air through ducts can lead to significant issues, as deposits can form in the ducts, compromising indoor air quality (controlled ventilation). Necono AG’s 3D humidifier humidifies indoor air directly in the room, avoiding this risk.

Hygiene Measures in the Humidifier:

To ensure the highest hygiene standards, Necono AG implements several measures: • The water tank has a limited capacity

Water-globe as it might be cleaned

Water-globe, as it can be cleaned by swinging

of 3 liters to minimize contamination. • The evaporation source is regularly supplied with fresh water. • A rinsing process cleans the evaporation source and flushes out particles such as lime, minerals, and oxides, etc. • Supply and control containers are regularly emptied to prevent contamination. • Cleaning all components is easy and thorough, without hard-to-reach areas. 

Dimension-to-Performance Ratio:

Necono AG’s 3D humidifier offers impressive evaporation performance optimized compared to conventional devices. Sized like a poster (40 x 80 cm), it achieves an air exchange rate of 7 per day, which enhances its effectiveness.

Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness:

The 3D humidifier only requires lime separators and evaporation posters as consumables, which are competitively priced and require less maintenance compared to traditional systems. Additionally, 3D humidifiers can be operated without water hygiene agents, provided they are thoroughly cleaned at the start of the season. Evaporating without a casing significantly contributes to this.

Outstanding Efficiency:

Regulating Zycles comparred with electric humidifiers

Regulating Zycles comparred with electric humidifiers

Unlike conventional humidifiers that release moisture upwards, often leaving unused moisture, the 3D humidifier releases moisture downwards. This allows for the direct utilization of the produced moisture without loss. The efficiency of the 3D humidifier surpasses traditional devices by a factor of 2.5.


Necono AG’s 3D humidifier revolutionizes how we humidify our indoor air. With its energy efficiency, hygiene measures, easy cleaning, and impressive efficiency, it sets new standards in humidification technology. Thanks to its innovative approaches, it offers both comfort and sustainability for healthier indoor air. See different Design!