17.07.2019 In the menu of this homepage the category Necono Cinema appears for the first time

With the films shown there, we show from different perspectives how air humidification has an effect. Humidifying is basically easy. But doing it so, that it does not more damage than it helps, requires a bit of knowledge. Humans and buildings can be damaged In people, it causes discomfort and illness, and in the building, energy consumption will rise again. i. e. the insulation has absorbed too much moisture. Etc.

21.02.2019 „We get certified for you

We have commissioned an external company to analyze our website and give visitors and buyers of our products the opportunity, to evaluate the products. Meaning and purpose, service and quality, these are the points for which we create our product. Today 08.03.19 we realize that the rating is good. We are pleased, because it must be worthwhile for you, if our investments in the improvement of the products and continuous quality controls are effective.

Good weather period, over and over colds, on Feb./ March 2019

The weather of the past days, you can’t have it better . But it has also a dark side. The air in the house is too dry. Colds, especially in children, are common. You may be wondering why ? Therefor we introduce; Measurements of Meteo Switzerland Station Zurich Flunder:

day of the month Febr. 16 17 18 19 20 21

Moisture out of the house

60% 50% 52% 63% 65% 59%
Temperature out of the house 5,6°C 6,4°C 6,4°C 7.1°C 6.6°C 7.6°C
Result, % inside the house at 22°C 22% 20% 22% 27% 26% 24%
setpoint 45% 45% 45% 45% 45% 45%
day of the month Febr. 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moisture out of the house 70% 62% 50% 57% 68% 56%
Temperature out of the house 8°C 4.8°C 3.4°C 5.8°C 6.8°C 8.4°C
Result, % inside the house at 22°C 30% 22% 18% 22% 27% 24%
setpoint 45% 45% 45% 45% 45% 45%

Due to the higher temperature in the house, the relative humidity in the house (22 ° C) is too low and dries our respiratory organs quickly. The walls and furniture can no longer give off moisture, this storage is already empty. This explains why: winter, end of winter and spring are the important season for room humidification.


the discovery

4.01.2019: We introduce a new precise and reliable function, which also accepts different handling. In addition, we have been able to establish an even more advanced germ suppression. The decoupling of the evaporation panel with the reserve water, is clearly performed. This ensures the interruption of the water flow after it has been transferred to the panel. It took a long time for us to define this advantage. The solution is just as clever as the device as a whole. That’s why we cal it “HEUREKA”. This additional step of function can be retrofitted on all previously used devices. For this purpose, the closure is replaced. Contact us.

Verschluss für 3D-Befeuchter

Closure for water-tank of 3D-Humidifier

We preset the “Maestro of Art” who created the new Panel-Design “Rhapsody in gray” Artist from the center of Switzerland

First off, the title “Rhapsody in Gray” defines the quintessence of Necono AG. The motif was selected as the best of seven ideas submitted.

Robert Süess is a freelance artist, gallery owner, book author and life consultant. Born in  Luzern/CH 1950. He studied typography at the Lucerne Art School and the Zurich School of Art, 1968. From 1980 to 2004 he studied painting at prestigious art academies. He has focused on nude and abstract painting since 1999, honing his repertoire at summer academies and study trips to Italy, Spain, Egypt, Greece and Japan. Numerous individual and group exhibitions. His work has been shown at galleries in Switzerland and abroad and has participated in fairs and group exhibitions. Private collectors have also purchased his works. He has worked as a lecturer for experimental painting at well-known academies in the German-speaking regions of ​​Europe since 2006.

Other works by the artist:


Necono AG picked up from the discussion on the new motif with Customers:

The goal was to identify what the relationship between colors and the shade ‘black’ may symbolize. In this context, I, Alex Kaiser, CEO Necono AG, defined the meaning of ‘black’ as the most important way of creating contrasts. The degree to which these contrasts emerge in the art is a spontaneous process. Contrasts highlight other colors and create 3D-dimensionality, allowing life to emerge on the surface. A beautiful red rose loses its luster on a red background. But you will notice a detailed work of art when it is presented against a dark contrast. Frequently we will notice contrast in each individual moments of life, and alternative colors always shine through. If we recognise in the life, moments which we can define as contrasts, beside is always a wide colour which inspires us. Otherwise we could also not define “black”