Moistening, as nature it does, can be done just like this. We were able to lay the foundations for this. The 3D evaporation poster meets this requirement and forms a cloud. The moisture that springs from it, moves freely into the room. Since no housing encloses the air, one could speak of unleashed moisture movement. This regulates itself, according to the current relative humidity of the room air. The 3D structure (cloud) humidifies strongly in dry air and only slightly in humid air.

The facility is sustainable through the use of hydropneumatic capillary system. This behaves like two interlinked bird drinking positions. So here, too, an automatism that works reliably and without electricity.

Humidification in general was considered an easy-to-treat task. However, we must note, moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Of course, this does not simply mean water. The danger comes from the combination with second or third substances, as well as from too long residence time in wood or paper. Especially in connection with pollution by dust and lime. Here, too, the open, free-breathing facility is the NECONO solution with high, hygienic standards.

Moistening shall be kept under control. Because it is always to be considered in relation to the temperature. I.e.: If the temperature drops, then the relative humidity increases. If this happens in an uncontrollable place, so that the temperature leads the humidity to the dew point, then moisture becomes to water. If this is the case, then we are usually already in the middle of the problems. Many organisms do not necessarily need water. They also get by, with a relative humidity of 85%. We are here on a topic for household lessons in schools.

It is highly advisable, especially in older buildings, to keep masonry- and wall openings, for windows or doors, under control.