hygienic moistening

The hygienic Humidifier

Water flow for hygiene and performance

Water can only rise slightly upwards due to capillary action. This is one of the reasons why Necono AG has installed the water tank above the evaporative flow. We flood it with fresh water. The larger evaporation area can thus generate more power. To do this, we had to develop the “stop and go control”. What is spectacular is that we were able to do this without electrical elements. Due to the 3-dimensional division of the surface, on large air space, a lot of air is humidified at the same time. This increases the performance above the evaporation surface. There is a second important property, germ suppression. Many measures have been introduced for this most important task. You can get to know all of them in this web page (link – at the bottom of the page).

No protruding water in the 3D humidifier

In order to avoid excessive humidity, effective electrical appliances must be controlled by hygrostats. During the downtime, water remains in the tanks. The germ development continues blithely. We refer to the well-known humidifiers as “box-out systems”. The water retained in it is then evaporated again when the humidity has dropped. This can be after half an hour or after 3 days.

Detailansicht - Wassertank Here’s one more sentence about why our water tank is always smiling: Water should never be left behind in the tank. Then old water can not add germs to the freshness. All the content flows out at the bottom. In addition, with a cloth, some water and washing-up liquid inside, it is easy to clean. Swing the tank and it’s squeaky clean.

Necono’s 3D humidifiers release moisture continuously.

The humidifier delivers the water to the evaporation poster at very fine intervals via capillary basins. The water in the pores in this evaporation fleece then smoothes out these short intervals. In this way, the moisture is released continuously. The moisture comes more or less from the device. This, according to the existing humidity in the room. The device runs empty even when the humidity is higher, but greatly throttled. This empties the tank and prevents contamination in it. Top up when the humidity has dropped below 45%.

Katabatic air circulation:

We borrowed the term from glacier research. Glaciers have a large, wild (3D) surface. In addition, they are mostly found on slopes. Water (snow and ice) evaporating on the surface makes the air above the ice heavier. As a result, it slides down to the valley. On large glaciers, this can reach up to 40 km/h. So it is very effective and shows that electroless humidifiers belong on the wall.