Smily-Design-Necono rechts30.03.2023 After a few years of room fountains and just a few years of knowing about 3D humidifiers (humidification posters), you stand yesterday in the exhibition of the company Necono and walk away with the one device under your arm.

The unforgettabel Humidifier!

29.03.2023 arrived from the north-easternmost corner of Germany: Quote “…………..and I am really very enthusiastic about the whole product, because it also works great”

Necono says: Thank we’v got it!

The most valuable thing a company can have, is the contacts with its customers. These enable us to improve our offer. The spontaneous customer reactions are more important than statements from business professional discussions, as they come from the inside (from the heart). Sometimes fear plays a part for/about hygiene, and often simply the enthusiasm for the amazingly sophisticated technique. Everything seems simple and it is for the user as well. Usually the enthusiasm gets even greater with the years, because the backgrounds, details of the different steps of functions are discovered.

Luftbefeuchter von Necono AG in Ausstellung

div. 3D-Befeuchter (Luftbefeuchter) in Ausstellung Necono AG

On 11.Oct. 2019, M.B. from H. Germany wrote

Dear Mr. Kaiser,
Thank you very much for your quick response.
You misunderstood my first problem. With “finally” I did not want to criticize the delivery time. I actually wanted to mean, that I was finally able to put the two humidifiers into operation in order to enjoy the well thought-out way of working.

  • enthusiastic customer

    translation:Thanks for the information, I didn’t know the shop!
    I’m really convinced of your product.
    Thank you very much!