3D humidifiers are very easy for you to use. But behind it is a sophisticated HPK-Technology: for living rooms and offices! View with your smartphone in landscape mode!

3D-Humidifier without electricity!

Utilize Energy instead of impeding it – Necono AG!


Necono AG enables you to use the energy generated by the higher weight of the air.

The higher weight of the air is caused by the natural evaporation of water!

Kleinst Neconos-Smily für Text In 2021, we exceeded the mark of 10′000 devices sold!

For all these, here’s a note on our own behalf, we call it: “The Secret of the Water Tank” Healthiness and Tip-to-clean! (german spoken)

Hydro-pneu-kata (HPK):

Our innovative technology operates based on three elements:

  1. Hydraulics (water)
  2. Pneumatics (air under-pressure)
  3. Katabatic (freely descending air)

Advantages of HPK:

  • Convenient and straightforward to use.
  • Non-electric and economical, allowing you to save energy and costs.
  • Wall-mounted and environmentally highly effective.

Our technology exploits the change in air weight during humidification. Similar to water in a power plant, heavy air naturally falls downward, enabling efficient air circulation. The primary effort for the user is simply refilling water.

“Hydro-pneu-kata” (HPK): Innovative technology awarded!

This unique form of air humidification, known as “Hydropneumatics,” has been awarded “gold and silver medals.” Unlike conventional methods such as ultrasonic nebulizers, evaporators with or without fans, and vaporizers, HPK offers unparalleled advantages.

Video to “Hydro-Pneu-Kata” – system of function! (german)

or the Video that treats hidden energy!


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Hydropneumatic control revolutionizes air humidification without electricity.

The impressive performance allows an enrichment of up to 475 m³ per day by 24%! Further technical details can be found in our technical data.

Hygiene: As with plant soil, no germs are released into the air!

The difference from traditional air humidifiers:

Our 3D humidifiers use an evaporative fabric that allows for natural moisture release.


In contrast, traditional electric humidifiers generally produce moisture inside and often blow it upward using a propeller. They are equipped with a cable and hygrostat, and conventional models are floor-standing and humidify at intervals.