Power and technical specifications of 3D-Humidifier; warranty

How much water does it take to increase one cubic meter of air (1m3) from 28% RH to 52% RH at 20 ° C ? 4.2 gr water are required. (within the calculation should be included 7 air changes per day). New since Oct. 1st. 2015 the 3D-Humidifiers are technically updated and the functions have been set more sensitive. These changes can also be retrofitted on old and oldest equipment, please contact us.


Humidification up to 450 m3 of air per day from 28% to 52% Humidity at 20 °C (2.3 liters = 4.2gr / m3). 100% efficiency. Impact factor of 2 because of moisture circulating downward (top-down).

Simple installation:

The device is mounted on the wall using one screw and dowel. Panel size when assembled: 40 cm x 81.5 cm; Total size: 106.5 cm, depth 12 cm.

Warranty/Quality requirements / spare parts: We meet the legal requirements of 2 years warranty. In addition, we claim a long service life. 3D humidifiers have no mechanical or electrically operating parts. With that they are not inferior to any wear. Except, of course, the evaporating posters and the lime separators, which must have be designed for hygiene reasons accordingly. All parts are available as spare parts. Spare parts are rarely requested. Hand-lost water-globes are required from time to time.

Water tank:

Capacity: 3 liters, enough for 1½ days on average. The round design ensures easy and thorough cleaning of the container by wiping it down. It was based on the design of a magic ball. All 3D humidifiers are for thorough and easy cleaning. This is essential for healthy humidification.


We recommend replacing the separator once per month. (5 per pack); use normal tap water.

Panels (posters):

The panels are only replaced once per season on average (provided the unit is thoroughly cleaned at the start of the season)! Features include design that is optimized for function, quality and hygiene. Entirely non-electric humidification and scenting to ensure your personal wellbeing. Wall mounted for your freedom of movement.