3D-Humidifier are made for non-electric moistening. They are world-wide unique.

Baumkrone mit Himmel mit leichter BewölkungSustainability/environmental protection (microplastics)

  • Packaging: wherever possible, we have dispensed with plastic. To protect transparent parts of scratches, we have used a fine paint job on the lining in the packaging. This instead of plastic films or Styrofoam.
  • Evaporative posters: These are made from natural cellulose (pine). They can be easily recycled in waste-paper or disposed of in household waste. Microfibers (microplastics), such as from fiber fur jackets, cannot be washed out.
  • Water-bearing parts are forced to be made of a plastic, which is, however, recyclable. In addition, in the event of damage (drop it), it breaks into large pieces. This also averts the risk of accidents (risk of cutting).
  • We deliberately designed the covering and centering plate out of wood. This means that we are once again using renewable raw materials (such as the evaporative posters). By the way, if you do not like the brown of the wood, color the wood to match your interior. (Attention: paint only after some time. Get first, the knowledge of the function. Dye only the visible front side (i.e. with adhesive colored tape). This does not affect functionally relevant dimensions).

3D humidifiers switch and regulate without electric power and are therefore unique in the world (patented). The evaporation of water always requires energy.

3D humidifiers hang on the wall, because so, naturally generated humidity can be used with dynamic power, and a long-lasting effect can be set. etc. The air falls regulated, by itself from the 3D labyrinth.

3D humidifiers have round, crystal-clear, on top-mounted water tanks, because it is a condition for keeping the water fresh (separation to the evaporative surface, panel). You have an overview from afar whether it is in operation. etc.

New: Additional function since January 2019! Retrofittable for all previous models.